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When the Manor opened in 1971, all 120 residents were living, going to school and receiving medical attention in one building, the Camillus House. Their living quarters consisted of Shelter Care, dormitory-style housing with shared bedrooms and a large cafeteria. Beginning in 1995, all of the men have now moved into group homes: Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs) or Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILAs).

The two ICFs opened in 1995 each house 16 men and are handicap accessible to cater to the geriatric residents with greater physical needs. In 1998 the first CILA group homes opened. Each CILA houses 4-8 men. Four CILAs are located off campus in the town of Momence, further integrating our residents into the community. A tenth group home on campus opened in the winter of 2003. This home was specifically built to address the needs of residents diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. This CILA not only provides the home-like atmosphere of the other CILAs, but also incorporates a day program room and a larger office/nurses station to provide in-home direct care.

All of the group homes are designed to create a family-like atmosphere where the residents sit down to a family style breakfast and dinner each day. The residents help with the cooking, cleaning and other household chores such as vacuuming and laundry. On the weeknights and weekends the residents and staff at each house function as any other family would by going grocery shopping, to the mall, or to sporting events. Other leisure activities include picnics in the park, seeing movies or enjoying the wide breadth of community events available.

Participation in Special Olympics is a year-round endeavor. Clients compete in volleyball, basketball, track and field, bocce ball, bowling, and individual skill competitions. We are proud of the many Special Olympics accomplishments of our men…a walk through the Manor will attest to their achievements…their trophies are proudly displayed and their personal medals are worn daily!