Shepherds Endowment Society

The Shepherds Endowment Fund was established in 2007 within the Good Shepherd Manor Foundation to provide a continuing source of income for Good Shepherd Manor and to do so in perpetuity.

Endowment gifts are not spent but are invested to generate annual income far beyond the life of the  donor. The investment income provides a stable  funding source for future operating expenses of Good Shepherd Manor.

“The SES helps the Manor have long-term financial security, which means long-term care for these special men.

 We want other families to feel the sense of contentment and peace knowing their loved one will always have a home providing safe and compassionate care.”

SES Members – Ed and Joan O’Brien,                                          sister of a former resident

The Shepherds Endowment Society makes a disbursement annually into the budget of Good  Shepherd Manor. These disbursements represent the gifts of  love from your spirit of generosity.

They concretely manifest the Gospel message to “love one another” and the commitment to care for the “least of our brothers.”


So How Can You Ensure More Tomorrows?

To advance our mission into tomorrow, and for all of the tomorrows beyond, we need your help.

You can simply choose, according to your own   situation and preference, from the options listed below with a Current Gift or a Deferred Gift through your estate plan or a combination of gifts:

Current Gifts
Cash or Check
Debit or Credit Card
Recurring Gifts(e.g.: Monthly, quarterly, annually)
Current Pledge (e.g. within 3 years)
Required IRA Distributions
Real Estate
Deferred Gifts
Will or Living Trust
Beneficiary of Life Insurance
Pension Plan/Other Qualified Plan
Closed Checking & Savings Accounts
Real Estate

Next 50 Years Fund

Can’t give at the levels of SES? You can still be a part of supporting the Manor during our 50th Anniversary year! Through the Next 50 Years Fund campaign, we are now striving to ensure the next 50 years and beyond for Good Shepherd Manor by growing a robust fund within the Shepherds Endowment Society (SES). This fund will enable donors at ALL giving levels the opportunity to invest in the future of GSM for perpetuity.

For more information, check out the pledge form or contact Erin Richey at 815-472-3090 or









The Shepherds Endowment Society encourages and invites you to consider a gift at one of six membership levels.

Member LevelsCurrent GiftDeferred Gift
Guiding Stars$250,000$500,000
Protectors of the Innocent$500,000$1 million or more

By becoming a member of the SES, you will be  ensuring a high quality-of-life and dignified care for current and future generations of individuals with special needs and their families.

Your Generosity….

Our Planning….

Good Shepherd Manor’s Future

Shepherds Endowment Society



Roger A. Nelson


The Burton Family
Jack & Marge Hayes                        Tom & Judy* Herbstritt                    Bill* & Helen* McAllister
The Foster-Makolondra Family          Bud* & Ginny Webber and Family


Albert J. LaVezzi
Elizabeth A. Marcoux
Joseph* & Margaret* Maher
The Harold Sikkema Family*
Joseph* & James Baier Family
Edmund* T. & Irene K. Yenshaw


Lucille* Dujsik
Virginia* M. Kelly
Dean & Jean Hill Family
Irving & Vivian Skolnick
Rose & James Murnane
Mrs. Edward B. Starke
The Rex Hartman Family
Alan Liska & Heather Liska
Orville Wolter & Dale             Rosenbrock Family                           Jim & Peg Dunlavy                           The Family of Helene*, Jack* & Jackie Sullivan


Ms. Helen Marie Bailitz*                  Virginia Ranney                              Ralph A.* & Lucille* B. Smith         Betty* Rathbun
Jim & Marcia Czerwionka
Lawrence* & Stella* Spitz
Laura Steinle Kreft                             The Kamstra Family                           Ed & Joan O’Brien Family














Ed & Sue Eltzroth
Bruce & Mary Fitzpatrick
Ernst* & Isabelle Biesemier
The Family of Tom Kinsella
The Robert* A. Golden Family
Dennis* & Carol Morse and Families
Ray* & Sylvia* Termenas and Family
Dave & Cheryl Bramer
The Greg Morey Family                    Jack and Jean Lynch                         Paul & Norma Wlos                            Tom & Rosemary Ryan                       J. Richard & Kathryn Burton                 The Pommier Family


Gina Pfeifer                                   JoAnn Sheehan
Leonard* J. Zurek
The Leonard Trust
Bob* & Judy* O’Loughlin
The Jeff Harris Family
Raymond* & Dora* Runde
John* & Mary* Wild Family
John E. & Connie Munnelly Family  Richard F. & Mary Jule Begley       Stanley* and Angeline Brafman Trust Robert & Doris Williamson


The Family of John* Wickey
Dodie Cunningham
Agnes* Jean Kinsella
Mort* & Shurlee Oman
Robert* & Catherine* Taibl
Herb and Catherine Conard
The Iwanski Family
David L. Hegg, M.D.
Mary E. Johnson
The Eldon Schultz Family
The Paul Warrick Family
The Charles Lindberg Family         James* P. Vickers                            John F. Vickers                                The Family of J.J. Dudenhoefer        Ruth* Flegel                                     Tom & Jean Kane                       Richard* Dunne                              Tom* Davis                                       Rick Byrne                                   Richard Burton                              Nancy A. Ryan                                  Pat and Gene Fitzgerald                  Tom and Vicki Hill                            John Burke                                           Anonymous

*Deceased Member