Shepherds Endowment Society

The Shepherds Endowment Fund was established in 2007 within the Good Shepherd Manor Foundation to provide a continuing source of income for Good Shepherd Manor and to do so in perpetuity.

Endowment gifts are not spent but are invested to generate annual income far beyond the life of the  donor. The investment income provides a stable  funding source for future operating expenses of Good Shepherd Manor.


“The SES helps the Manor have long-term financial security, which means long-term care for these special men. We want other families to feel the sense of contentment and peace knowing their loved one will always have a home providing safe and compassionate care.”

SES Members – Ed and Joan O’Brien, sister of a former resident

The Shepherds Endowment Society makes a disbursement annually into the operating budget of Good  Shepherd Manor.


So How Can You Ensure More Tomorrows?

To advance our mission into tomorrow, and for all of the tomorrows beyond, we need your help.

You can simply choose, according to your own situation and preference, from the options listed below with a Current Gift or a Deferred Gift through your estate plan or a combination of gifts:

Current Gifts
Cash or Check
Debit or Credit Card
Recurring Gifts(e.g.: Monthly, quarterly, annually)
Current Pledge (e.g. within 3 years)
Required IRA Distributions
Real Estate
Deferred Gifts
Will or Living Trust
Beneficiary of Life Insurance
Pension Plan/Other Qualified Plan
Closed Checking & Savings Accounts
Real Estate


The Shepherds Endowment Society encourages and invites you to consider a gift at one of six membership levels.

Member LevelsCurrent GiftDeferred Gift
Guiding Stars$250,000$500,000
Protectors of the Innocent$500,000$1 million or more

By becoming a member of the SES, you will be  ensuring a high quality-of-life and dignified care for current and future generations of individuals with special needs and their families.