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Own Your Piece of the Magic from Good Shepherd Manor’s Brunch Auction!

Posted on May 13th, 2024

You’re invited to capture the enchantment of Good Shepherd Manor’s recent Brunch Auction with our exclusive centerpiece offer!

Imagine owning a piece of Disney style magic, meticulously crafted into stunning topiary style Mickey ears, adorned with flags in the iconic Mickey colors. These centerpieces, each requiring over $90 worth of materials and countless hours of skilled craftsmanship, are now available for a donation of $50 each—almost half the cost of materials alone.

Whether you’re hosting an event, throwing a party, or seeking the perfect gift for a fellow Disney enthusiast, these centerpieces are more than just decorations—they’re conversation starters, memory-makers, and cherished keepsakes.

Don’t miss your chance to bring a little Disney magic into your life while supporting the mission of Good Shepherd Manor!

Click here to donate for your own centerpiece!