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Good Shepherd Manor Chapel Repair Fund

Posted on March 18th, 2022

Good Shepherd Manor Chapel Repair Fund

Several times over the last year, GSM has had a 50th Anniversary Mass scheduled in the Good Shepherd Manor Chapel. Unfortunately, we have had to reschedule two times due to COVID. Then, last summer, there were pieces of the ceiling that fell to the floor and on the pews. We are very grateful that the chapel was not in use at the time and that no one was injured. Once again, we had to put the 50th Anniversary Mass on hold.

The Chapel, which seats about 120 people, is a little known gem to those that may not be as familiar with the Camillus Building at GSM. But to the staff and the men here, it is a sacred place where mass is celebrated weekly, funerals have been held and our men who have passed away are memorialized on the walls. The community has always been invited for weekly masses before COVID and we hope once the repairs have been made we can celebrate our 50th Anniversary Mass with Bishop Hicks.

After the ceiling began to fall, a very thorough process began led by Mike Butler, Director of Support Services and the Building and Grounds committee. The chapel was built in the late 1930’s and obviously has historical significance. It was a process to find the right company that could do the job, secure bids, and come to a decision.

It was determined that the entire ceiling had to be replaced for safety reasons. Each tile (approx. 6000) have to be replaced and secured with a floret or medallion. This entire process will cost about $80,000.

We are thrilled to share that we have an anonymous donor who has come forward with a dollar for dollar match opportunity. We have already received almost $3,000 thanks to the parishioners of St. George Catholic Church in Bourbonnais.

We need your help to make these repairs a reality! Any donation you can make is appreciated and will be matched 100%. Please visit the Good Shepherd Manor Chapel Repair website to make a secure online donation or feel free to send a check marked Chapel Repair to GSM, P.O. Box 260, Momence, IL 60954. Thank you for helping us restore the  GSM Chapel!